Peanut Brittle
Peanut Brittle
1956-2024 68th Anniversary!
1956-202468th Anniversary!

The Grove Candy Story


"In 1956, Mom and Dad Grove started making peanut brittle as a fundraiser for their church's participation in a program to send livestock overseas to families still recovering from WW II.  (The organization that coordinated that program still functions today: .)"  Our parents decided they could help out by making and selling Peanut Brittle to help raise funds. My grandmother, Blanche, used an old recipe that was given to her by a candy maker. People looked forward to my grandmother's Peanut Brittle and she made it a yearly celebration for the church and community. In fact, we tease Dad that he married Mom just to get hold of the Peanut Brittle recipe. So out of that love - Grove's Peanut Brittle business was born.


Even in today's fast pace, our Peanut Brittle is still made the old fashioned way by our parents and Grove's Peanut Brittle has been thriving for 60 years. And we are proud to know that it has to be good tasting to last so long. If practice makes perfect, Groves Peanut Brittle has it down to a science. But if you have not tasted our Brittle, it is time you experience it for yourself.

Candy Castle


Grove's Brittle Works was part of Hershey Park's Christmas Candy Lane in the late 1980's. We built giant candy houses out of peanut brittle and other candies. After the season, the creations were donated to the Nation Children's Museum in Washington, D.C.

Grove's New Candy Shop   2009



In 2009, the Grove family decided to move the candy shop from the rear of the property to the front. The front entrance and front parking area is much more convienient for all of our customers!

Over 10 different flavors of Ultra Thin Brittles Over 10 different flavors of Ultra Thin Brittles
Ultra Thin Brittle Display Ultra Thin Brittle Display
1424 East Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 1424 East Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA

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Grove's Candies has now added their delicious creamy chocolate candy to their list of products that now can be ordered on our product catalog. If there is something you want...please call and ask. We just might have it!!

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