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Peanut Brittle
1956 - 2021 65th Anniversary!
1956 - 202165th Anniversary!

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"Oh Come Let Us Adore Him"

December 9th 2021


That's what's most important.
Also of great significance is being with, and treasuring, the people you love.

That being said, we would still like you to make GROVE'S a special part of your Christmas tradition!
Our elves have been (and continue to be) very busy getting our shop at 1424 EAST CHOCOLATE AVE in Hershey overflowing with all of your
home-made, hand-made, family-made holiday favorites. It is like a greatest hits of all of our most beloved products! You need to see it to believe it! (Plus it is so darned CUTE!)

C' know you need stocking gifts...and just gifts in general. So support small businesses, and visit us..."the other candy company in Hershey, PA."

We thank you SOOOOO much for your patronage, and wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!


"It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"...

November 11th 2021



There is a very important holiday that comes first...THANKSGIVING!

In the midst of pandemics, and race tensions, and political differences, we still have MANY reasons to be thankful...most especially, for our loved ones, and for the freedoms that we still enjoy in the USA.

We are often visiting other homes over the Thanksgiving holiday. Be sure that you don't go empty handed! Take them something from GROVE'S BRITTLE WORKS!
We have many specialty (homemade) items that make a perfect gift. And we can create a one-of-a-kind basket /container that is very holiday friendly!
Pick out several goodies, and we'll do the rest.

So don't gloss over Thanksgiving...and don't make it about getting ready for Black Friday!

Be genuinely lots of turkey...and have lots of GROVE'S CANDY on hand!

We are "the other candy company in Hershey, PA", located at 1424 East Chocolate Ave.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

BOO! ( is just me!)

October 2021


I trust you are having a Spooktacular Fall!
It's a great time of year isn't it? I LOVE it!
Friday night football games, town fairs, pumpkins and apples and cider...and don't forget...BRITTLE!

I hope you will make GROVE'S BRITTLE WORKS an important part of your fall celebrations.
Whether you need a treat to take to the game, or have a craving for a caramel apple, or are preparing your household for Halloween, we have it ALL!

So visit our store at 1424 East Chocolate Avenue.
We are filled to the brim with the "sweetness" you deserve.

When it comes to a trick or a contest!!!
At GROVE'S, a treat wins every time!!!

Happy Halloween from Earl, and Grove's Brittle Works
The Other Candy Co in Hershey PA

'Tis the Season(s)

September 1st, 2021


I can't believe it is already September! Where did the summer go? We are back-to-school...finally...and navigating what it means to live in a post-pandemic world!

Though there is still some hot weather coming, I am sure,
GROVE'S BRITTLE WORKS is gearing up for its busiest time of the year: Halloween, then Christmas.

Stop by 1424 East Chocolate Ave frequently to see what we are cooking up for these huge "candy-friendly" holidays!

Sure you can go to some big box store...but you won't get the kind of love poured into every bite that we give to our products. Nor will you get the kind of personalized attention that we can offer!

So support local this case, the other candy store in Hershey, PA!

Happy Memorial Day!

May 29th, 2021


A Happy Memorial Day to you and yours! As we celebrate, we remember those who gave so much...some their that we can enjoy the incredible freedoms we have in America. "Thank you" seems extremely inadequate.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of a special of beaches and barbecues and being outdoors, all especially welcome this year. We can't wait to be outside again, and to visit...IN PERSON...with our loved ones!

But don't be fooled by the warmer weather!

GROVE'S is OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and we have lots of treats that are "summer appropriate".
From homemade caramel popcorn to sweet creamy chocolates to gourmet coconut slices and more, Grove's can still satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you are feasting at home, or while on vacation, or even while you are travelling, you deserve the best...that's GROVE'S!

So make GROVE'S CANDIES at 1624 East Chocolate Avenue in Hershey PA part of this special season!!! And be sure to hug on your loved ones...
Now you can!

Best From a Flag-Wavin' American,
Earl Grove

Grove's Candies Go International...

Thanks to our Troops!!!!

March 26th, 2021


Imagine my utter shock and surprise when I received a call from Afghanistan! It was from an American soldier who is stationed there. Imagine!

When I was done saluting, I heard his request:

Could I please create an Easter basket for his wife? It would be picked up and delivered by his wife's sister who is local. He said that he sent her some of our candies last year and it made her cry!

Moral of the story? There are several:

Grove's Candies are tasty enough to be thought about across the globe.

Grove's Candies become a family tradition.

Grove's Candies are so good, they make people cry. Well that and other things...

So now, "local person", you have no excuse!
Visit our shop at 1424 East Chocolate Ave in Hershey, and try our homemade, handmade candies. You won't be sorry. You may may salute!

From the other candy company in Hershey, PA,

March 3rd, 2021


Thanks to all of you for making the Valentine's season such a hit!

We did some things wrong...and we learned A LOT. You'll see some changes implemented for the next holiday.

BUT, judging by your response, we did many more things right! YAY US!

Our chocolate strawberries were the most in demand. Did you know that there was a severe cold snap in Florida that caused a scarcity of strawberries? Fortunately, I ordered mine back in December which meant I was high on the list to get the best available...And if you saw them you know my persistence paid off!

Now that Valentine's day is behind us...although it seems that the snow is not...we are busy getting ready for the Easter season. As you know, this time of year is long associated with chocolate and candy!

GROVE'S CANDIES at 1424 East Chocolate Ave has the best homemade eggs (peanut butter and others, to be discussed in future blogs) and Custom made Easter baskets and of course lots and lots and lots of chocolate bunnies!

Be sure to "hop on over " soon to see the shop redecorated in its Easter finery.
I am sure you will leave with many goodies to fill your Easter baskets!

And stay tuned to my blog to hear more about all of our delicious homemade eggs!

Best, Earl

Tom Brady, Wow! 

February 10th, 2021


Whether you love to love him or you love to dislike him, you have to admire him. 43 years old and still a (7 time) Super Bowl-winning quarterback! It's like he is a superhero!

Tom Brady reminds me of my mom.


No, she doesn't play football. But she...Mildred... is 93 years old and still is very involved in the GROVE'S CANDY business. She has been for over 65 years!

Mildred works in the shop and helps make and package the homemade candy...wearing a mask, of course! (Before the pandemic, she could also be found at water aerobics or working out or at physical therapy, or...) The (secret) recipe for Grove's famous ultra-thin hand and homemade brittle came from mom's family. My dad used to joke "I only married your mother to get the brittle recipe!"

It was always Mildred's dream to have a candy shop, and that dream came true.

So the next time you come to Grove's 1424 East Chocolate Ave... say "hi" to my mom. Talking to customers is her favorite part of the day!

And be sure to try one of our have never tasted anything like it! They are ultra thin and ultra delicious.

Earl Grove

Superbowl Sunday 2021!

February 7th, 2021


As I sit here looking at the snow...and (I am so sorry) not getting ready for the Super Bowl... I am reminded of the incredible service of so many during these times:

First responders, doctors, nurses, medical personnel who put their lives and their families' at risk to take care of others.

Teachers who have found new and innovative ways to keep our students learning.

Delivery folks have kept everything coming. Retail workers have continued to stock shelves...and clean, clean, clean.

I could go on. So many people are rising to the occasion of this pandemic.

I believe there is more good than bad out there...we just don't hear about the good like we should!

GROVE'S encourages you to use this Valentine season to say "THANK YOU!", (not just "I love you") to someone in your life who has given so much.

Something sweet is a great way to do that, especially for someone you don't know well. WHY? Because you don't have to know what they already have, their size, or the color or their home, or...!

Happy Football!


The Entire Grove Family

Valenines Day 2021!

January 21st, 2021




Let me remind you...You don't need to have a least not one in the "traditional" order to observe Valentine's Day! We all have someone(s) in our life whom we love, adore, and/or appreciate. Make this holiday about celebrating them, not because some card company says you should, but because you don't tell special people how special they are nearly enough! 


And of course nothing says "I love you" quite like candy does! Sweets for the sweet...and all that. 


GROVE'S CANDIES has something for your every sweetheart...whether its chocolate-dipped long stemmed strawberries, homemade marshmallows hearts, chocolate marshmallow bombs, or red heart boxes full of our artisan gourmet chocolates. GROVE'S has been the "other candy company in Hershey" for over 60 years. Most of our candies are home and hand made and our shop is adorable...and OPEN for business! Please support us! 


When the Beatles penned ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, they didn't know that a pandemic was in our future. Now that we are in the midst of one, these words have never rung so true. We can get through this together...with love from above and love for each other. 


So love on someone today...make a phone call, write a text or email, donate to a food bank, volunteer for an old age home, do something kind to a first-responder, patronize small businesses. 


Most especially, tell someone you love them...and do it with something sweet ;) 


The Entire Grove Family

Happy New Year 2021!

January 13th, 2021


It is with NO sadness that we say goodbye to 2020! I am sure everyone feels this way as it was a very difficult year!


So many people and businesses were hurt and GROVES CANDIES was no different. It was only in the last week that our wonderful and faithful customers supported our small business and took us from the RED and into the BLACK!


Thank you for your support and trust in GROVES CANDIES. Our hope is to see 2021 continue to grow and restore all things lost. We are working on new candies for you in 2021.


As each season brings us new challenges, be reminded what we came through together and hope for brighter days. I know we will help make them much sweeter for everyone!


Happy New Year!!


The Entire Grove Family

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