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Peanut Brittle
1956 - 2021 65th Anniversary!
1956 - 202165th Anniversary!

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Happy New Year 2021!

January 13th, 2021


It is with NO sadness that we say goodbye to 2020! I am sure everyone feels this way as it was a very difficult year!


So many people and businesses were hurt and GROVES CANDIES was no different. It was only in the last week that our wonderful and faithful customers supported our small business and took us from the RED and into the BLACK!


Thank you for your support and trust in GROVES CANDIES. Our hope is to see 2021 continue to grow and restore all things lost. We are working on new candies for you in 2021.


As each season brings us new challenges, be reminded what we came through together and hope for brighter days. I know we will help make them much sweeter for everyone!


Happy New Year!!


The Entire Grove Family

January 2019

January 7th, 2019


Happy New Year everyone!

To all our loyal and wonderful customers,  I say thank you for your support this Holiday season! I believe we have the best customers that anyone could have.


Well, the holidays are here and gone. I just blinked and its Valentine season.  And, its soon time for our huge, fresh, ruby red, sweet chocolate dipped strawberries to be waiting for your enjoyment! 


Our famous jumbo homemade peanut butter eggs will be fresh and available during the Valentine/Easter season as well. Candy makes all of us happy and so it is necessary to have a little candy every day which will make our days just a bit sweeter!


Groves’ Candies is here for you!

Summer 2018

August 21th, 2018


This summer brought many new creative ideas for the Grove Family. These ideas are what we all about. Always trying to make some new confectionary creations for your family from ours!  


Well, we have had many of our shop customers request homemade dog biscuits …. and we listened and we make them. We have had customers ask for Old Fashioned Clear toys and we make them. We have had customers request homemade Artisan bread… and now we make home made artisan breads …..we aim to please here at Groves candies for over 62 since our start. Home made artisan bread is a labor of love and warmth. We are creating many different flavors each week for our customers to try and take home to their family! Come and stop by…it smells amazing!

It's That Time…

August 16th, 2017


Fall is just around the corner and Grove’s are making wonderful candy creations for our customers . With every season there is always the question, “what can I get for his birthday, anniversary, confirmation and even Christmas.”  Well, we are making new and different candy creations for your special people. Things that will make you feel special when you give it knowing its an a original candy by Grove’s family.

Our shop has over 250 different items and then more when the different holidays roll around. You can even custom order with advance notice! So, stop by our shop and smell the difference!

The Holiday Season

Oct 28th, 2016


I​t's Fall, a time when ​most people smell leaves​ and cider and a crispness in the air​.  Me?  I smell fresh chocolate and homemade peanut brittle​!!​ ​Yes for candy makers, ​it's time for ​delicious treats...​like apples and fudge and ​brittle...​all ​of ​the ​goodies that make the holiday season festive and ​special.


​Stop in at Grove's ​C​andies​​​... the shop on East Chocolate Avenue...​ or order online​,​ and get yourself some fresh​, ​delicious confectionery treats that are homemade​...​ with a lot of love​!​​
The holidays are creeping up fast so treat yourself first before you treat others.​ :)​

Our Style of Service

May 12, 2016

I was working in our shop today and realized something I felt compelled to blog about. It is about a style of service that is quickly disappearing… one that you will ALWAYS receive at Grove’s!


Our mother, who is 86, still works in the shop, waiting on customers and sharing our family history. She so enjoys meeting and greeting our customers and explaining about our candy choices while also asking all about them, such as where they are from, what their families are like ... etc.


Today she had a doctor’s appointment and had to miss working in the shop.  She expressed to me that she would miss all her “friends”, and I assured her I would send her regards!


I was astounded at how many folks asked me “where Mrs. Grove is today?” and commented on how much they missed her and her friendly style of service. They shared how my mother would help them find a certain candy they were looking for, or they just shared with me about their family and friends.


I was so deeply touched!!! She has demonstrated this kind of service since she started our business in 1956…60 years of wonderful relationships! Customers are friends and family and they matter to her…and to all of us! Thank you, mother, for all you do and have done!!!


And we hope you will come to the shop to celebrate our 60th Birthday!!


The Smells Of Easter

Mar 1, 2016


I just love the holidays for all the special things that take place with family, food, festivities and traditions!  Making our 2 foot hollow chocolate bunnies is one of those traditions for me!  Big bunnies standing so tall , (with a basket on their backs filled with eggs,)  bring back so many cherished memories from my childhood.


Yes, Easter candy has a certain aroma that fills our shop and only comes this time of year! Many familiar faces don our shop as they pick up their Easter treats to fill the baskets of their cherished loved ones and special friends!


So,  know that Easter is special for our family which includes making  the candy for your family to enjoy!!!! Happy Easter!!!!!


May 8, 2015


As I visit other confectioners and read the candy periodicals, I am seeing that the desires of candy lovers are changing. They are looking for more customized and personal candy products. Homemade and gourmet is also very appealing to candy consumers today.


This observation didn't scare me, because I realized that is what Grove's Candies, Inc., has been doing for over 50 years. Just making candy better! Making candy the way our family would want  to enjoy it or even give it. We even personalize the packaging or chocolate right on the choclate piece to our guests specifications!


Though times might be changing for candy, we have stayed the same, since our beginning in 1956!

Children and Candy!

May 8, 2015


I guess it would be an understatement to say that children and candy go together like peanut butter and jelly! But, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't see a sweet child come in our shop and in a minute they are holding a delicious piece of Groves gourmet candies in their chubby little hands. And then, the chocolate mouth and fingers follow. Carter is sitting down waiting for Mom to bring him candy! He is so cute!


May 8, 2015


My first blog!


By birth I come from  long line of candy makers! My maternal grandmother started working for a German candymaker in the early 1900's. Her daughter, my mother, continued making candy through the mid 1950's and now I am contiung the sweet tradition into the next century.


While working in our candy shop serving candy to our loyal patrons this past busy week, I realized one of the many reasons why I enjoy making candy so much.  By looking at the face of every patron walking through our shop, I noticed that they were smiling! Candy makes people happy! Even unhappy folks became happy before leaving our shop, because  they tasted something wonderful or they saw a candy that reminded them of a happy time that they had earlier in their life!


It makes me so happy to know that my family candy business is bringing so much happiness to so many. We have done so for over 56. My grandmother would be so pleased!

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